Unfortunately, many disabled Veterans find that the claims process is fraught with obstacles. One of the most stressful things that can happen to disabled veterans is when the VA makes mistakes that thwart or stall your benefits.

Disabled Veteran SalutingDid you know that according to the VA budget documents, there were approximately 5.5 million veterans and survivors who received disability compensation or benefits; that’s about 180,000 more than there were previously even though the administration’s budget proposal includes less budgeted for veterans disability benefits originally funded.

The budget also proposes that compensation for unemployable veterans be cut off at age 62, which would take away more than $1,000 per month from many of the most seriously disabled veterans. In other words, if a 60 percent disabled veteran living alone is removed from the Individual Unemployability program; their monthly payment could decrease from $2,915 to $1,062.

New VA Medical Facility Slated for Baton Rouge Under Graves’ Provision: Improved Services for Area Veterans

Graves’ legislation would kickstart the urgent VA relocation process, which they were otherwise prohibited to do.

“Veterans in Baton Rouge and south Louisiana deserve medical care equal to their bravery. The cramped and jammed conditions of the current VA Clinic in Baton Rouge hamper the caregivers and deny the best we can offer our Veterans. The bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives on July 13th and is working toward final approval in the U.S. Senate. Once enacted, our legislation will allow the VA to establish better, expanded and more suitable medical accommodations to provide care to our south Louisiana Veterans,” Graves said.

Congressman Garret Graves“Veterans across the US suffer due unnecessary, inexplicable bureaucracy. It simply doesn’t pass the commonsense test. It’s crazy that a brand new $1 billion VA hospital can appear ‘cheaper’ in the federal budget than a $23 million lease – even when there is already an existing lease. It’s not like the VA is paying more money for a new lease. It’s more like Veterans paying for ridiculous calculator gymnastics instead of focusing on getting their best care. It shouldn’t take an Act of Congress to get veterans the care they’ve earned and deserve.”